Daily Activities

Daily activities will commence at 9:00am with orchestral and sectional rehearsals. The day ends with beach activities, volleyball, and other fun events, finally finishing at 3pm. Details of the string program are listed below.

String Program

String players will be placed according to their level of playing in either the advanced orchestra or the junior orchestra. Players in the junior orchestra must have at least one year of experience in playing in an ensemble. The staff of nine professional string players will play along with and rehearse each section of both orchestras throughout the week. The repertoire of the advanced orchestra will be chosen to match the ability of the group.
Last summer, pieces included selections from 'The Hobbit', 'I'm Shippin' Up To Boston', Mozart's 'Magic Flute Overture', 'Lady Gaga Fugue', music from the John Williams score of 'Warhorse' entitled 'Dartmoor'. Music for the junior orchestra will be chosen to challenge but not to overwhelm string players who have played in an ensemble at least one year.

In Addition

Master classes are offered on such fascinating topics as synthesizers, instrument building and jazz improvisation. Specialists in these areas provide hands-on demonstration to increase the student's awareness of all aspects of music making. Informal faculty concerts also complete the summer festival experience.